Sinuhé Arroyo

Sinuhé Arroyo

Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO of Taiger, Sinuhe Arroyo is responsible for the global strategy and the execution of the business plan of the company.

Prior to launching Taiger, Sinuhe worked as corporate development manager at phion AG. In this firm Sinuhe completed the acquisition of Visonys AG and successfully established new business partnerships internationally. He was as well in charge of analyzing product portfolio determining profitability and ranking, resulting on improvement of offer focus, market position and profit growth.

Before phion AG he worked at DERI as project manager, taking part in several world-class research projects that laid down the foundations of the semantic technology. In this company. He acted as well as member of the executive management board of various multi-million European Framework projects advising and influencing on strategic issues as required.

Sinuhe began his career at iSOCO S.A., contributing, and already in 2000, to one of the first commercial semantic technology projects worldwide.

Sinuhe holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a PhD in computer science (computational semantic technology) from the University of Innsbruck (Austria).