Innovation is at the core of our business. Playing with new technology and putting new ideas to work is our passion. We invest a lot of time and resources exploring new paths and developing groundbreaking technology that later materializes as cutting-edge features in our products.

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Smart City 3D simulation and monitoring platform. CitiSim´s main goal is to create a new generation platform for the smart city ecosystem. This platform will provide a powerful monitoring and control infrastructure for planners to make critical management decisions on tactical and strategic levels. For a natural interaction and better understanding of the events that happen in the city, 3D visualisation techniques like augmented virtuality and augmented reality will be explored. CitiSim will provide service developers with a set of services, standards and tools for the development of applications for the smart city.



Enhanced Affective Wellbeing based on Emotion Technologies for adapting IoT spaces. The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from being a far-fetched futuristic vision to something that can realistically be expected to become a mainstream concept in a few years’ time. EmoSpaces’ goal is the development of an IoT platform that determines context awareness with a focus on sentiment and emotion recognition and ambient adaptation. The main innovative aspect of EmoSpaces lies in considering emotion and sentiments as a context source for improving intelligent services in IoT.



Social Media and Digital Interaction Intelligence. The amount of digital interaction data has soared along with the digitisation of business processes and private communication since the advent of the Internet. The increased amount data will produce an almost unfathomable amount of interaction traces. The goal of this project is to research machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques that can be used to turn digital interaction data into Digital Interaction Intelligence and approaches that can be used to effectively enter and act in social media, and to automate this process.


LPS-BIGGER is a project included in the CIEN Strategic Program. It aims to achieve a breakthrough in the areas of real-time multi-channel marketing , the exploitation of social influence in online advertising, the optimization of retail sector activities, the optimization of software engineering projects management and the advanced educational systems under the Big Data approach and the application of SPLE technology and methodology (Software Product Line Engineering).

Therefore, LPS-BIGGER conceives, designs and implements a new paradigm in the Big Data environment, based on the fast deployment of Big Data applications to obtain unprecedented results in the industry. “LPS-BIGGER will allow deploying Big Data solutions semi-automatically, minimizing development costs and speeding the application development process.”



El proyecto esTextAnalytics propone el desarrollo de servicios de Text Analytics en la Nube, mediante el uso de procesamiento del lenguaje natural (NLP) y tecnologías semánticas de anotación y desambiguación, y con la utilización de esDBpedia como base de conocimiento, mejorada con la incorporación de mecanismos automáticos de diagnóstico, reparación y actualización de conocimiento erróneo, así como la gestión de automática de licencias para la incorporación de conocimiento externo propietario. 



The iMove project is based on a new paradigm in mobility, derived from the latest technological advances in terms of mobile devices, apps, Internet connectivity and massive use of social networks. In this new scenario, novel opportunities are identified to provide mobile users with information tailored to their needs at any time and place, improving their user experience and maximizing the effectiveness of the information disseminated.

In addition to the new paradigm in mobility, there are new trends that can enrich this experience, such as the Internet of Things, Semantic Data and Big Data. This translates into context information about the user and their circumstances, which is fundamental to enrich the process of personalization of the information in mobility.

The objective of the iMove project is to use the synergies and complementarities of these technologies and technological paradigms to develop a real-time recommendation system of dynamic content through push notifications, based on the user’s context in mobility and their social networks, so as to reduce the human interaction with the mobile device and improve the user experience, thus favoring the effectiveness of the recommendations themselves.

To validate the system consistently, it is proposed to validate it in a real scenario focused on the tourism and trade sector with the aim of improving the tourist experience and boosting trade in local retail companies.

Este proyecto ha sido financiado gracias al Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad dentro del Programa Estatal de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad, en el marco del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016 (Retos Colaboración) con expediente número RTC-2016-4951-6




El objetivo del proyecto OPT-TEXT-ANALYTICS es el desarrollo de un sistema optimizado para Text Analytics, incluyendo procesamiento del contenido y búsqueda, mediante el diseño e implementación de un motor de almacenamiento RDF escalable, comprimido, eficiente y accesible en memoria principal cuando sea posible,  como base para grandes volúmenes de datos semánticos disponibles hoy en día.

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VisualAD focuses on new disruptive innovation through Visual Intelligence and Complementary Currencies to analyze trends in social networking through the monetization of images.
So far, the Internet industry has exploited and monetized text-based structures, mainly. In fact, the marketing industry has invested in optimizing websites and applications using tools to find keywords that sought to make their brands more visible to clients in search engine results and social networks. This situation is changing, users have changed their behavior and share more photograph, becoming social networks more visual in general.
VisualAD as disruptive innovation makes a turn leaving the traditional text analysis and focuses on analyzing the visual content. VisualAD will reward the market in the form of virtual currency motivating sharing and commercializing personal and professional photos. You can find more information here: http://proyecto.visualad.es/
Este proyecto ha sido financiado gracias al Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad dentro del Programa Estatal de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad, en el marco del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016 (Retos Colaboración) con expediente número RTC-2014-2566-7  
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SEARCH ON THE CLOUD aims at creating a value-added service, nonexistent in current solutions, for cross searching and retrieving content stored in personal services deployed in the Cloud (Dropbox, Gmail and others) by leveraging semantic analysis technologies and content through natural language processing. This project is funded by: Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD) / Este proyecto ha sido financiado gracias al Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo dentro de la Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital con expediente TSI-100600-2013-54 Watch

Find out more here: Search on The Cloud Website




The SOCIAL TV project develops tools to analyze information from Social Networks for exploitation in marketing and communication. Thanks to this SOCIAL TV, broadcasting, media monitoring and media planning companies will benefit from the use of social networks as a source of information about their TV programs, thus allowing them a better knowledge of their audience, to know the success or failure of their programs, and better sell their advertising space optimizing investment trademarks. This project is funded by: Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)
Find out more here: Social TV Website
Este proyecto ha sido financiado gracias al Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo dentro de la Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital con expediente TSI-100600-2013-53
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The Cloud Destination project focuses on providing businesses active in the tourist field solutions for managing the tourist life cycle (before, during and after the travel) promoting by these means more intelligent destinations.
The goal of the project is to deliver solutions both for companies and tourists alike. On the one hand, the integration of tools and services in the Cloud will enable companies to obtain complete and detailed information about the profile of the tourist. This will result in the ability to better manage their activity, improving the targeting of services and products. On the other hand, tourist will benefit from a set of integrated and novel services (e.g. augmented reality, ubiquitous contents, etc.) that will result in a richer and more satisfactory holidays experience.
Find out more here: Cloud Destination Website

Este proyecto ha sido financiado por la iniciativa INNPACTO 2010 del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, referencia IPT-440000-2010-005

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The Cloud-Arm project aims at developing a tool for mobile devices that will create and automatically display layers of augmented reality, without having to rely on suppliers of mobile devices. The resulting system, running through the browser and supporting HTML5, will be completely independent of the operating system, thereby meeting the needs of all users regardless of their mobile device, profile or context.
Within the scope of the project data layers that overlap with the reality will be generated automatically based on a number of semantic datasets, which will be developed as part of the project. At the same time, and through the use of image retrieval technology, the project will contribute to improving indoor and outdoor geo-localization systems used by the augmented reality service.
The project envisages the creation of a community of users to generate and improve web content, enabling the widespread adoption of the generated data by third parties profiting from the Linked Data publishing paradigm. Find out more here: Cloud Arm Website





Many companies and organisations in Europe have become aware of the potential competitive advantage they could get by timely and accurate Big Data analytics, but lack the IT expertise and budget to fully exploit BDA. To overcome this hurdle, TOREADOR takes a model-based BDA-as-a-service (MBDAaaS) approach, providing models of the entire Big Data analysis process and of its artefacts.
Find out more here: Toreador Website
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The aim of the project is to develop an Advanced Prototyping Platform (APP) to define, prototype and simulate complex software applications by improving the requirements gathering process, simplifying customer demonstrations, and increasing the user adoption of complex technologies. APP will allow users to create quickly prototypes that simulate complex applications. According to our estimations, the platform will:
  • Reduce total project costs up to 30%, avoiding rework
  • Reduce risks and failures in complex software projects
  • Increase user adoption
  • Speed up project development by 20%, reducing the sales cycle
The APP will be fully oriented to built prototypes including some advanced components (Semantic Search, Mobile and Big Data applications) plus new requirements regarding interfaces (e.g. geographic-based interfaces). The APP platform will also have code generation to create the basic stubs to implement projects.
This project is funded with the scheme of Eurostars-2 Cod
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The aim of the ESSENCE network is to translate abilities of natural communicating systems to computational systems in order to improve their resilience and robustness, and by doing so to also make these systems more comprehensible to human users. To this end, we will bring together research on phenomena observed in human communication with research from areas that investigate heterogeneous computational communicating systems.
This project is funded with the scheme of Initial Training Networks FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN

Find out more here: Essence Network Website

Tosca-MP Research and Development Taiger



TOSCA-MP aims to develop user-centric content annotation and search tools for professionals in networked media production and archiving (television, radio, online), addressing their specific use cases and workflow requirements. This will be achieved by scalable and distributed content processing methods performing advanced multimodal information extraction and semantic enrichment. Other key technology areas will include search methods across heterogeneous networked content repositories and novel user interfaces.

TOSCA-MP is a FP 7 collaborative project co-funded through the grant number FP7-287532 under EU Objective 1.5.

Find out more here: Tosca-MP Website
MAVEN Research and Development Taiger



MAVEN is a collaborative project under the “Research for the benefit of SMEs” programme, in the 7th Framework Programme. The technical goal of MAVEN is to develop market-ready, efficient and robust tools for the search, management and authenticity verification of multimedia contents. The project has officially started the last October 1st 2013, and will run for 24 months until September 30th, 2015.
Despite the advances in the Security and Media sectors, MAVEN arises from the need of providing such industries with a suite of advanced technological solutions, able to operate in a range of realistic scenarios (CCTV, web images, broadcast data, etc).  The project results will allow SMEs, law enforcement bodies, press agencies, insurance companies and broadcasting companies, among others, to manage their multimedia assets and verify its integrity and authenticity, all in an efficient and scalable manner.
MAVEN project will develop of a set of tools for multimedia data management and security. The project’s objectives will be centered on two key concepts: “SEARCH” and “VERIFY”, both integrated in a coherent manner. This “search and verify” concept is not supported in an integrated manner by any tool currently available in the market.


LT- INNOVATE Research and Development Taiger



LT-Innovate is the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry. It gathers top executives of companies developing intelligent content, multimodal interaction and translation technologies.  Language Technologies are pervasive and are by nature key enabling technologies in a multilingual world. LT-Innovate’s objectives are:
  • To unify Europe’s Language Technology industry for increased competitiveness in the global market place
  • To promote Language Technology as a key enabling technology for economic success and societal wellbeing;
  • To articulate the members’ collective interests vis-à-vis buyers, researchers, investors and policy makers.
Find out more here: LT-Innovate Website
INES Research and Development Taiger



INES (Iniciativa Española de Software y Servicios) es la Plataforma Tecnológica Española en el área los Sistemas y Servicios Software y constituye una red de cooperación científico-tecnológica integrada por los agentes tecnológicos relevantes del área (empresas, universidades, centros tecnológicos, etc.)
INES nace con el fin último de incrementar la competitividad de la industria española, posicionándola entre los líderes europeos en el campo de los sistemas y servicios software.
Definir un programa de trabajo u agenda estratégica de investigación adaptada a las necesidades y capacidades españolas, que incluya propuestas de proyectos científico-tecnológicos singulares y de carácter estratégico, así como proyectos tractores de alta prioridad, con objetivos a medio y largo plazo.
Crear una masa crítica para generar y transferir tecnología y coordinar los esfuerzos para desarrollar la capacidad tecnológica en función de las necesidades del tejido industrial español, apoyando a la industria y agentes tecnológicos españoles en la participación y liderazgo en el VII Programa Marco.
Find out more here: INES Website
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NESSI, the Networked European Software and Services Initiative, provides input to the EU Institutions on research actions and technology matters of particular importance to the software domain, and the overall aim is to enable the software and services sector help vitalize the great potential of the European economy and society. NESSI gathers partners and members from all over Europe, both from industry and academia, and engages in close dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders on several topics of specific relevance to NESSI – such as Big Data Value, Cloud Computing and Software Engineering.
Find out more here: NESSI Website
PLANET DATA Research and Development Taiger



Planet Data aims to establish a sustainable European community of researchers that supports organizations in exposing their data in new and useful ways. The ability to effectively and efficiently make sense out of the enormous amounts of data continuously published online, including data streams, (micro)blog posts, digital archives, eScience resources, public sector data sets, and the Linked Open Data Cloud, is a crucial ingredient for Europe’s transition to a knowledge society. It allows businesses, governments, communities and individuals to take decisions in an informed manner, ensuring competitive advantages, and general welfare.
Find out more here: Planet Data Website