Knowledge Worker Automation (KWA)

What is KWA?

KWA refers to a style of automation where back-end installed software integrates with an organization’s core systems through APIs as part of an overarching organizational transformation initiative. KWA can replace knowledge workers in performing complex cognitive tasks involving comprehension, intelligence, skill, and judgement. KWA complements BPA. Taiger is pioneering KWA.

Why is KWA important to the workplace?

KWA automates, simplifies, and improves tasks that require specialized intelligence to automate complex processes. This helps organizations improve efficiency, save cost, and reduce risk.

How does Taiger use KWA?

KWA is the foundation of the Taiger solution suite. Taiger solutions can automate information extraction from unstructured documents and provide meaningful answers to customer queries in various forms.


  • Automating medical claims processing and reimbursement.
  • Digital automation of processing trade settlements.