Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence today is artificial narrow intelligence, the simulation of human intelligence processes by systems to perform specific, specialized tasks. Disciplines and objectives of artificial intelligence include natural language processing, knowledge representation, reasoning, perception, planning, robotics, and machine learning.  

Why is AI important in the workplace?

AI can help organizations find exponentially more efficient ways of doing business by automating tasks, achieving unprecedented accuracy, and improving existing technology. Early adopters and thought leaders have implemented artificial intelligence beyond simple of automation of rote processes to tackle tasks that perceive knowledge and require high levels of understanding.

How does Taiger use AI?

Taiger focuses on building advanced artificial intelligence solutions that enable financial institutions and government agencies to optimize operational efficiencies. Taiger reduces cost, time, and risk associated with automating information access and extraction, with the highest accuracy KPIs in the industry. Taiger is the solution provider of choice for industry leaders across client on-boarding, lending, settlement instructions, trade allocations, sanction screening, trade confirmations, legal documentation, insurance claims management, underwriting, and more.


  • Automated information extraction for complex, unstructured documents.
  • Virtual assistant to handle customer queries in real-time.