Retrieving Information through Semantic Patterns
iSearch in 45 Sec

iSearch exploits the meaning of information to understand users’ queries, to relate contents, to expand searches -serendipity-, and to recover the corresponding documents more efficiently and precisely.


Better and More Precise Search Results

Bored of surfing through hundreds of non-matching results? iSearch recovers just the knowledge you are searching for, thus avoiding any waste of time, efficiency, and productivity.

Homogeneous Search Mechanism

iSearch can dive into any repository, social network, or cloud infrastructure to find the audio, image, text, or video files a customer may need. The SUV of the search solutions!

Access to Structured and Unstructured Content

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about emails, posts, information in databases, .docs, .xls or .pdfs, iSearch solution can dive into any kind of data t retrieve the information requested

Advanced User Interface

Not only you can browse through the displayed results, you can also navigate and filter the retrieved information using our powerful visual interface: relationship viewer, faceted search, tag cloud contextual search…

iSearch by Taiger: Semantic Search in Imserso Website to Help Better Our Senior Relatives