Automatic Document Information
Extraction through AI
iMatch in 45 seconds

iMatch is a multi-lingual information extraction tool. It applies advanced semantic and natural language processing algorithms, combined with Machine Learning, to automatically identify, extract, cleanse, validate and store key pieces of information from unstructured and semi-structured documents (e.g. P&L, Balance Sheets, Powers of Attorneys). 

iMatch v2.0

Improving Efficiency

A great deal of costly manpower and time is spent manually inputting into corporate systems the information contained in physical and digital documents. The iMatch AI fully automates this process, dramatically reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Increasing Availability

iMatch helps firms become more agile and swift in using extracted information by making available the key data in the preferred format, storage or target third party application, to be used as the organization requires.

Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Extraction

iMatch knows that not every contract, resume or balance sheet looks the same. Because iMatch understands the meaning of the data, it doesn’t matter if the documents to be processed have different layouts or formats.

Automatic Metadata Generation

iMatch can identify, understand and structure information automatically. Through its cutting-edge processing ability, it can tag millions of certified documents and place them in client systems automatically.

Dealing with Heterogeneous Documents

iMatch extracts information from a wide range of both digital documents and physical documents. By applying advanced OCR technology, input documents are digitized so that the key pieces of information contained can be identified.

Reporting and Analytics

A visually compelling, user-friendly dashboard provides information about the usage and metrics of the system, enabling tracking accuracy and analytics through a wide set of predefined or customer built KPIs.

How iMatch fits in

In the financial services sector alone, companies can drastically reduce costs by automating KYC checks, client-onboarding processes, regulatory compliance, due diligence, reconciliation and anti-money laundering.

In the legal industry, firms can conduct due diligence, contract review and corporate secretarial work with a greater efficiency than ever before, saving precious billable hours of lawyers.

Thanks to our patented AI core technology, iMatch’s versatility and adaptability fits anywhere within your organization.


With iMatch, Financial Services organizations can drastically reduce their cost by automating any process involving a human reading documents, including KYC, onboarding, credit scoring, compliance, due diligence, reconciliation, AML, and much more…
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