Easing Human-Machine
Communication through NLP.


iConverse in 45 seconds


iConverse enables human-machine written and spoken transactional interaction in natural language, aiming at improving customer service and cutting down operating costs.


Cut down Customer Service Costs

Optimize the support costs and offer customers a more agile mechanism to have, for instance, their questions answered, alter their service conditions, or purchase new products.

Bring FAQs to Live

Spare your customers the time and effort to read through lengthy FAQs. iConverse puts in place an intelligent chat through which clients can obtain accurate answers, formulating their questions in their own language.

Inside Business Support

Offer your staff the means to perform queries using natural language over unstructured content and overcome the limitation of traditional keyword-based search engines.

Transactional Support

Through its natural language processing abilities iConverse eases and performs customers’ business transactions such as carrying out a bank transfer, requesting for support, paying a bill, purchasing a product, contracting a service, etc.

success story_ono_1300px


Ono was facing the need to improve the efficiency and response time of its customer service, while reducing the bottom line costs related to its operation. To carry it out, Ono decided to articulate a strategy to shift traffic from the dedicated customer service telephone channel to the Web channel. Doing so required putting in place an intelligent piece of software able to deal with and solve correctly all customers’ requests, mimicking a human-to-human written interaction.  Read + 

Sinuhé Arroyo, Taiger CEO, Explains iConverse