Practical Artificial Intelligence Seminar

Looking beyond Machine Learning

In this guest seminar by Taiger’s CEO, Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo, find out more about what AI actually is, from someone who has extensive experience in AI – both in academia and in the industry.

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Taiger CEO Speaks as Key Panelist in University of Chicago Event


 The University of Chicago is well known for its forward-looking approach to innovation and technology in the business context, putting it in a strategic and essential position to evaluate how markets evolve in fluid, ever-changing modern global economy. As part of this approach, the Chicago Booth School of Business organises Chicago Conversations – an initiative to detect, test and expose relevant ideas among the hottest topics surrounding markets and businesses.
On February 15, 2017, Chicago Booth assembled an expert panel to deliver insights on big data and how it can be used to target key audiences. Chosen as the panel were: the CEO of Taiger, Sinuhe Arroyo; Brian Baker, Global Head of Investor Relations and Business Development in LongTail alpha; Travis Wu, Vice President, Research Director and Country manager in Forrester Research; King Leung, CEO CliX; Blums Pineda,Vice President, Oracle Asia Pacific; and Wei Sun, Founder, Digital Craftsman Venture Partners.
The seasoned expert panel provided great insight on big data and how it can be used to guide Chinese consumers and other global consumers. Panelists discussed how Big Data can drive innovation, increase the effectiveness of product marketing, improve operations, and help businesses smarter decisions. Real-life case examples were also given to showcase how companies around the world are using data to take advantage of this high potential market and improve profitability.  
Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo, Taiger founder and CEO, with a background in both artificial intelligence and business, sat as a key panellist in the Chicago Conversation. In his position the orchestrator of Taiger’s global strategy, Dr. Arroyo explained the capabilities offered by the solutions developed by Taiger for important clients in different sectors, including banking, government, education and the media. “The world of Artificial Intelligence is more than just machine learning. Where machine learning is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. While Big Data is the current buzzword in technology, companies need to look beyond the mathematical and statistical approaches in order to fully realise what technology can do.
At Taiger, we combine the other aspects of AI and continuously push the envelope to stay at the cutting edge, and trust me when I say that complete solution lies in looking at AI holistically. We’ve taught machines to read completely unstructured text, talk naturally to humans and transformed the way people search – through meanings rather than keywords. The possibilities are endless.”

Sinuhé Arroyo,CEO Taiger, in the CoderSchool Talk :90 AI

The iConverse Solution is presented at the Hong Kong Sparq Investor forum


Taiger CEO and founder Sinuhé Arroyo participated as a panelist in the Sparq Investor Forum held in Hong Kong at the beginning of May. 
Discussion focused on the new era in artificial intelligence and on which technologies will change the world, systems, and ways of working. Artificial intelligence experts Arroyo, Ronen Tal-Botzer, Joshua Sams and Noah Silverman analyzed how this discipline will influence and change our daily lives. Specifically, the CEO of Taiger, a groundbreaking company in semantic solutions, presented iConverse and explained how it works. iConverse is one of the company’s star products and is based on human-machine interaction, facilitating information searches.
The purpose of the Sparq investors platform is to explore upcoming challenges and opportunities offered by AI technology, as well as its impact on the current social, economic and political order. Additionally, it provides tools to reinforce, diversify and broaden this portfolio with rapidly-growing solutions.

 Taiger´s iConverse and iSearch at Singapore´s Innovfest Unbound


Taiger continues to advance steadily in the Asian market, increasing awareness of the intelligent virtual solutions that have made it an international benchmark in Artificial Intelligence.
Its participation in InnovFest unBound, the biggest innovation congress in Southeast Asia, served to showcase two of its star products: iConverse and iSearch. The former, designed as a queries forum, refines semantic instruments to give precise answers to specific questions. In this way it has succeeded in making users feel like they are interacting with another human being, which represents an advance in the field of semantic computing and natural language processing. With iSearch the company has reinvented the meaning of information access. iSearch is an intelligent search engine that improves user questions, links contents, expands searches and retrieves data more efficiently and precisely. An artificial intelligence solution that examines any document manager, web page, social network, database or cloud data to find what is being sought, regardless of the format.
Lasting two days and organized by NUS Enterprise together with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, InnovFest unBound drew more than 6,500 people from around the world. Participants exchanged information in approximately twenty different forums, learning about Asia’s most innovative projects in the tech world. Round tables, networking events, contests and government programs converged on May 17-18, focusing on key elements in innovation to collaborate, exchange ideas and develop commercial opportunities. Moreover, the event was consolidated as a good platform for bringing companies, investors, brands, government agencies or researchers into contact to build new relationships, share knowledge and create business opportunities in Asia.

Domingo Senise, Marketing VP, Participated in IATA World People Symposium to Talk about Artificial Intelligence & e-Learning.

Taiger & the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Sinuhé Arroyo, CEO Taiger, in the Event Españoles en Silicon Valley

Sinuhé Arroyo, CEO Taiger, in the RTVE Program Emprende