Taiger specialises in knowledge worker automation solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore, Taiger has a global scope, with offices in Spain, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the US, and projects across South America.

 Improving operational Efficiencies for Financial Institutions, Insurance companies and Governments

Structured data is only a fraction of an organisation’s information; the vast majority of information is unstructured: documents, reports, emails, SSIs, Manual Allocations, claims, invoices, … etc.

Taiger has developed cutting edge AI technology and has deep expertise in large scale digital transformation projects. Our solutions are now deploy at some of the largest industry players, helping them to read documents and extract information.

Taiger radically improves operational efficiencies and reduces risk at a fraction of the current running cost. We are the preferred solution when large volumes of data are not available to train traditional machine learning models, informations is highly unstructured and changes fast, or accuracy KPIs need to be above 90%.

Our complete solution portfolio is based on a state-of-the-art AI, it is easy to use and maintain by the operations team, not requiring deep technical expertise.

Our Executive Team