The Channel Partner Program –CPP- is designed to leverage the commercial efforts of its members. It grants them access to a vast amount of tools and marketing materials to guarantee the success on reselling Taiger´s cutting-edge technology. As needs may grow, so does the support offered by the program.

Taiger CPP Key Advantages


Sell Taiger´s products in a rapidly growing market.



Increase business opportunities via access to existing and new customers and partners.


Become a recognized leader in semantically-enabled knowledge access solutions.

Membership Level

The Taiger Channel Partner Programme offers three tiers of membership to deliver specific and narrowly-focused benefits:

Silver Open to all partners who are interested in selling Taiger´s products.

Gold  For partners who have expanded their customer base and require increasing support in their sales and marketing activities.

Platinum  For partners who have established a solid customer base and require extensive sales, marketing, and communication support.

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